Buy Bitcoin in Canada: How to Buy Cryptocurrency with BitBuy Exchange in 2020 (For Canadians!)

How to Buy Bitcoin in Canada using the BitBuy Cryptocurrency Exchange – 2020 Guide for Canadians – BitBuy is one of the best ways to buy and sell bitcoin and …


  1. great videos thank you! I'm still unable to open an account, tried coinbase, they refused me because I'm in Canada, then tried Coinberry, they are overwhelmed with registrations so I'm waiting. THen tried opening an account with Bitbuy and there is a glitch when I put my cell phone # in. Could this all be due to the recent crypto rush and these exchanges are not coping with the demand? I also found out my bank refuses any direct transactions to trade crypto. But I guess once I have an accounted duly open, i can fund it and then trade.

  2. Hi there, love your content! I am new to crypto ahd have a question concerning receiving/sending bitcoin between the ledger nano X and bitbuy. The receiving part is all good but was trying out to send a small amount from the Ledger to Bitbuy and it charges over 10% in fees? Is this correct or am I missing something here?

  3. Hey Casey I'm new to buying and trading cryptocurrency. Your videos have been extremely helpful. One thing I'm a confused about is what happens with your funds when you store them offline in a wallet, are you removing all your money from the markets?

  4. What genre of music is in the background. So soothing. Your content is amazing👏👏👏
    Edit: replying to this comment is for the weak. I get it😥😪

  5. Thanks for another Great video Casey. Forgive me if this has been asked before but can I sign up and use BitBuy without a smartphone? I only have a landline and a win 10 computer. Thanks.

  6. awesome content Casey! Thank you so much ! Question for you , how do we know if a new and upcoming currency is legitimate or not? I have heard about SAKT and i found nothing on such currency.. any ideas?

  7. Love your videos. Have followed all your steps. A couple of discrepancies have come up in my Bitbuy account that don’t jive with your tutorial. For example my account didn’t ask for 2factor authentication when I requested to deposit funds with bank wire…red flag…what do you think?

  8. I just discovered your channel and I'm immediately a huge fan! Thanks CryptoCasey!

    Heeeey…. can you make videos on ZEC and XTZ please??? =)

  9. Casey, I just wanted to let you know that your Beginners Guide videos helped me hugely in getting into the Cryptosphere, before I found your videos I was like HUH, lol. I use Bitbuy as well but I am currently not heavily invested (yet).

  10. I am Canadian, eh! I use Coinberry, would you do a review? Now I'm considering using BitBuy but I'll wait for your trusted opinion of Coinberry which is another Canadian Exchange.

  11. Hello Cassey, very good video. Just have 1 question. Can I purchase additional cryptos not listed in the 8 displayed cryptos or how do I purchase another crypto such as STEEM on your site.

  12. Thanks so much Casey … very informative and concise as always … question for you … how do I close down my coinbase account now?

  13. What no Blood sample! … I can get a required Photo ID request but the rest is BS! … Opening up a Bank Account is easier then creating an account with BitBuy! … Buying Crypto at the local Crypto ATM with cash and withdrawing such is FAR easier!

  14. Hi All, i am new to crypticurrency. I have bought some currency, all i want to know is that if bitbuy has my currency saved in bitbuy wallet or i need to transfer elsewhere. Please advise.

  15. I'm new to cryptocurrencies and have done a lot of research. Thanks to this straight forward and easy to understand video I decided to start with Bitbuy. Great video!

  16. Hi casey I live in Canada, so how can I buy bitcoin without paying expensive fees bitcoin atm machine or there's other option please give me info?

  17. Hi Casey. Thank you for your videos. Quick question : I would like to buy some coins..for example Enjin, Numeraire ect…would i be able to purchase it on Bitbuy ? Do they offer most cryptocurrencies as other exachange or only those 6 you talked about in your video ? Thank again !

  18. Bitbuy is NOT FINTRAC-registered.. & they have EXTREMELY high rates for literally everything vs other companies!! This video is just to make money for her (affiliate, advertising, I don't know). But the info here is NOT true & NOT complete!

  19. It would be nice if you talked about the fees (percentage… details… are there any way to minimize the fees) with each of the example transactions you showed

  20. Hi Casey, I watched the wallet video. Question, do I need a separate hardware wallet for each cryptocurrency, or will one suffice? For example, if I bought: Stellar, XRP, and Chainlink, would I need 3 wallets or just 1?

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