1. hey Ricky thank you for all your advice i wanna to ask you what you think about RIPPLE should ill wait till coinbase accept it or should i start investing now thank you

  2. I noticed that Ripple didn't really drop when Bitcoin dropped and all the others dropped. Ripple seems pretty stable at the price it is at now. I don't know what to think about Ripple though I have heard some bad things.

  3. I will explain you why he makes this video, if Bitcoin has no members, like no one is using Bitcoin, it will be worth nothing. The fact that there are huge companies which run Bitcoin SERVERS (not tiny computers) to mine coins, defines the value of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is worth so much because of the fact that people use it. If all people… stop using it.. it will go from 20 000$ back to like 1$. For now… it's only growing because people keep investing and USING bitcoins. I also do use bitcoin. 1 Year later… you wake up and multiplied your money by doing nothing. Simply supporting the infrastructure of Bitcoins.. 🙂

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