Buying and Holding Bitcoin – Investing For The Long Term

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  1. do I have to buy 1 bitcoin or can I buy a fraction of a bitcoin and hold onto that? right now bitcoin is around $4500 but I have about $500 to invest, so that is about .111 bitcoin, so if the price of bitcoin hits say $9000 then in theory would I be able to cash in that .111 btcoin for $1000 cash?

  2. Hello Chris. I and others think you seriously need to do a longer and more detailed video on the possibility of a hard fork and the effects on pricing short and long term please. Thanks for all of your work.

  3. Thanks for the vaultoro post the other night, I got an account there after I saw and my BTC are frozen in price with the gold over the weekend, meanwhile the price outside drops. Very effective

  4. i'm in crypto for a year now. first i had the demand to buy as many as i
    could/afford (to lose). but the scaling debate, toxic communities and
    rising other cryptos got me thinking: why should the demand grow for
    bitcoin if there are better alternatives. today shows us, that the value
    of bitcoin can and should be questioned.

    Half a year ago i told people that bitcoin is gonna fork eventually and they laughed at me. they don't laugh anymore.

    If bitcoin really splits up (no dominant fork), there is no reason to
    hold bitcoin anymore, no matter which fork.

  5. Ledger Nano S – Encrypted Paper Wallet. Are we expecting the exchanges to hold onto a confirmed amount to maintain the coins thus leaving coins in online limbo, not good… Ledger Encrypted, Encrypted paper wallet and laminate and place in fire proof safe as an option.

  6. Hold BTC and get rich, yeah right… I think BTC had it's time if they really hard fork. I assume the money will then pour into crypto currency with more potential and use and it already does. Don't forget regulatory issues with the exchanges in China. Hard times ahead but if they'll be solved then BTC might be hard to stop.

  7. Most people dont understand how things gets valueable over time:
    BTC is only >8years young now, and look where price is now. Now double time, and ask yourself what will the price of 1 btc be, when there are 2 more halvings coming.
    What about in 20 years ?
    And now ask yourself, what will happen to FiatPaper in 10 years? Will it has any value?
    Dont get confused by Altcoins: All of them gets back to Bitcoin! So everyone will sell in the end his Alts for BTC…Even RogerVer the Traitor !!

  8. everybody should own a least one bitcoin or even a fraction of. (while it's still affordable) because it's going to be worth alot of money within the next five years.

  9. I have my doubts about whether bitcoin will still be the dominant crypto a few years from now, since so many things could go wrong.
    There could be a whole number of technical, regulatory or perceptual problems down the road.

    it could easily be one of those unremarkable coins outside the current top 20 that takes the world by storm that no one is paying much attention to.

    I'm not trying to FUD, i mainly hold BTC right now, but i think we be prepared for a rough road to a post central banking world.

  10. Tell me Chris day you talk about hardfork another day about how BTC is save. So I dont know how to connect these two things. Another thing is about spliting bitcoin…bitcoin is not the only one crypto curreny on the globe so there is no need for everibody to have one.

  11. I got most of my bitcoins stored safely and securely on my Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, so for now I'll just sit tight and wait for it to become a foundation of my future wealth. Meanwhile mining and buying more coins, whenever I can.

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