Buying & Selling Crypto! Revolut Trading! #7

This week’s video is about how to buy & sell cryptocurrencies on Revolut! Its always good to have that hand in the basket! In my channel, we use ‘REVOLUT’ to …


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  2. Thanks for this video. It is very useful content. Do you know another third party where I can check the price revolut provides to buy. I didn't find it easily in investing for example. Which would be the way to check the trade price out of revolut? Does it include 1.5 commission and that is why is different? Thanks in advance James

  3. but you can't transfer crypto on Revolut. The whole point of crypto is cheap/fast transcations. Revolut just keeps the crypto for you – and only lets you sell it to them, or transfer it to another revolut account. Selling it to them is also not always guranteed (they can refuse to buy it from you). "Sometimes we might refuse your instruction to buy or sell cryptocurrency. If we do, we will not be responsible for any losses you suffer as a result."

  4. Hi man, nice video! For crypto i use bitstamp but it seems like Revolut is more stable and legit than Bitstamp for example, any thoughts on this? I mean, because you invest in stocks/crypto all on just one application, how secure is this..? Peace!!

  5. Heard that you don't actually own the cryptocurrency when using revolut. Would you still using this platform if you are interested in cryptos?

  6. Your right about having hand in the bag. Bought 1 etherium 200 ripple 1 litecoin and 200 of the new crypto. You be kicking yourself in a few years if all that cryptocurrency shot up but on the other hand could lose it all but I think worth the risk.

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