1. Hey Sunny, I watched many videos on youtube on how to use Bybit and put in an order. Your video provides the best explanations and strategies for a beginner. Thanks

  2. Great video thanks. Quick question. Before I close a position, how do I know how much I have won or lost after fees etc? That way I can make a decision as to whether I want to close the position or not. I can see the unrealised P&L but not sure if that is the actual amount I have lost. Any advise would be great.

  3. Bybit. even when you win you lose. if you have risk reward ratio 2/1 don't touch bybit. You must run 3 to 1or more to make brake even last losing trade if you scalping. Those guys who are advertising bybit, they are doing it becouse this is only way to make money in bybit.

  4. Hi,
    Please help me out, I dont understand

    I open a long position: 1 BTC with 1× levredge at 10.000. 
    If bitcoin goes up to 20.000, I should have a profit of 1 BTC, but the Bybit estimate says that my profit will only be 0.5 BTC. In fact, even if bitcoin goes up to 1.000.000, the profit will only be 0.999 BTC. What am I missing here?

    Also can I have a long position open for 1, 2 years?

    Thank you!

  5. Sunny Great video thank you, newbie to trading..Q. what is the difference from a "limit order" (with an entry price) compared to a "conditinal order " with a trigger ?

  6. I kind of miss just a fast detail about registration. It is confusing that bybit does not want any passport, ID, or Address Data.
    I mean other platforms like Coinbase do want whole lot of documents.
    Dont get me wrong. It much nicer to to have anonymity but how trustworthy it is?
    I feel kind of insecure to put more then 0.5 btc on that. Will I be able to get them back?
    What if there is any problem?
    Short info about how you feel about that and what do you think about them would be nice in an introduction video like this.
    Also about the depositing process it self. It is just to help people with confidence about this, not that we cant figure it out.

  7. Hello Sunny, I'm following you for quite a long time and I was thinking to start trading with bybit. Il would like to know what is your common prefered size, as I know you usually are 10x levereged but what about the size? Thank you.

  8. My question: If I use, for example, 1 BTC with a 100x leverage will it be shown as a 100 BTC "buy wall" in the order Book or will it only be the 1 BTC in qty of course :-D?

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