Can XRP (XRP) Make You A Millionaire? – Realistically

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  1. Mannnn I just got done watching over 10 videos in different channels and they all either talked too much off topic or too hard to understand but this video was the best one I've came across…easy to follow and great breakdown. Definitely earned my sub!

  2. So basically a group of elites are going to decide what’s valuable and what’s not purely on speculation ( for obvious personal gain).. They will get their way by feeding people misinformation and diversion tactics.. What is the end game in all of this?! Is it to help create generational wealth for the common person?! Or to be able to cut you off at a moments notice so you can’t feed you or your family?!

  3. After it’s used to transfer money aren’t those coins terminated

    I did research and that is a fact but there is more to it. When ripple is sent the fee is what is burned which will then decrease the amount of ripple in the long run. In other words when a bank sends 1 billion dollars using the xrapid platform the bank does not need to own XRP but that is what's being used to make the transfer. That in turns will burn a few thousands of dollars in XRP. Now imagine this on a larger scale and happening daily, the price will have no choice but to grow.

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