Cardano ADA Snapshot, Bitcoin Trading Record, TRON + Poloniex & $1 Billion Bitcoin Whale

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  1. Ada is too complicated. My bank pays 7.25 % annually for fiat. Trick is to open a bank account in emerging markets, you convert to BTC and send it back to wherever. Ps if anyone in here works with Bakkt , you won't get your BTC Bakkt, just cash if your Futures contract expires. Absorbing BTC into the abyss I think, could lead to a slow death of BTC. According to me, BTC should be about 15k already

  2. Oh, come on Tron is doing what every other crypto project is doing or trying to….grow it's use case! Make the connections…look at the big picture….TRON wants to be another Binance….Poloniex will eventually use TRON to as the exchange currency just like Binance uses BNB. Tron is bigger than many people realize. It's not my favorite project, but there is money to be made….wake up people!

  3. I really wish you would do a segment on privacy coins. I know you're not invested but I bet your research and subsequent analysis & deductive reasoning would be sound. I feel like there is a future for a 'real' (not BTC w/ priv features b/c of chainalysis) privacy coin with insane ROI but there are so many projects at this point.

  4. China is about to allow Chinese crypto exchanges and the biggest crypto in China(TRX) will be essentially running the show with millions of new investors flooding the market. If you can’t see the writing on the wall then too bad for you lol

  5. If Tron made milk, it wouldnt be from a cow… it would be milk from a rat, and all its plebs and bagholders would say its the most organic and decentralized free range milk from unicorns

  6. Is Hoskinson bonkers? Every channel tells every person to get their coins ONTO a hardware wallet. Now I am supposed to move it back onto a software wallet about which I know nothing? NO WAY!

  7. Annual percent of the return is going to be set from 6-12%. The test net will decide the final percentage for the mainnet. Most likely the test net will yield higher returns to reward the early stakers/ADA adopters,after that the permanent staking rewards will be atleast 6% I'm thinking they will settle on 7-8% for the mainnet.

  8. Horizen/ Zencash already has private messaging, (encrypted with Z K Snarks), built into their flagship app “Sphere” by Horizen! Desktop version is out. Mobile version is being released before the end of the year!

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