Cardano has 90 commercial partnerships in Pipeline, Africa CBDC on tap

Cardano has 90 commercial partnerships in Pipeline, Africa CBDC on tap ————————- My other channels and subscribe!


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  2. Y’all better hope Africa never catches up on their blockchain.. if they do they’ll switch to ETH… classic Charles Hoskins doing things backwards. 🤦🏻‍♂️ y’all think Africa will use OS named after all these past slave owners??? Like I said, classic Charles

  3. I am starting to see a lot of big Youtubers Shilling ADA at the same time…This always makes me suspicious….Me thinks Mr Hoskingson has gone into an advertising spending spreed!! ..LOL

  4. This is a billion dollar infrastructure they are attempting to build .. anyone in this space who is still thinking "when lambo" needs to go back to end of 2017 .

  5. Don't download play Africa , there are dozens of countries in it. China has a long play for that continent . Cardano is playing the long game as well – smart !

  6. Hi Bob, I sold some BTC and looking to buy back in during the next dip… What would you do? Jump back into BTC or use that $$$ to buy ADA?

  7. Africa has been a sleeping giant for a long time. A continent with crazy amounts of untapped resources and actually a couple of rich countries that the West refuses to acknowledge mainstream. ADA for the win.

  8. Absolutely insane that people are STILL sleeping on Cardano or worse fudding on Cardano.. But that's ok because most of them don't deserve to enjoy this journey with us!

  9. Africa is a continent, you can't compare it to a single country. The amount of wealth there is unreal, the problem is African nations don't receive the profits and are exploited by NA, Europe and Asia. ADA will likely change that, if successful.

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