CARDANO Migration from ETHEREUM; NEO's Flamingo Relaunch; Twitter, Bitcoin, & Jack Dorsey

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  1. you want dates? Everybody wants dates. there has not been a single cryptocurrency project to stick to a single date. Been waiting for ETH 2.0 since 2017 when it was promised. Clearly these people that own and run these projects are finally learning. Don’t ever give a date.

  2. I guess I’m a little confused? Everyone talking about projects migrating over to Cardano. Why? They don’t have smart contracts yet. And as of right now no one knows when that will be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 110% Cardano/Ada! But am I missing something here?

  3. Really disappointing to say that flamingo is confusing by design. You clearly didn't take the time to go and understand it. Read the flamingo litepaper and educate yourself before you try to educate your audience.

  4. Omg… I almost spit out my coffee laughing when you got to the part about someone switching over to Cardano from eth; the ah ha moment was historical and well deserved… that is the starbucks latte that I was drinking, since you asked afterwards. I always enjoy your videos, information, and you point of view for what you consider reality checks..!!! It is needed in this space, constructive criticism is crucial, and fud-ers can whine all they want… keep up the great channel/work!

  5. Hey Cryptoviser, I store my Cardano in my Atomic Wallet. It doesn't allow me to send it out or swap it for anything in their wallet. Does that have something to do with The ADA network or is my crypto stuck in my atomic wallet?

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