Cardano vs Icon – Cryptocurrency (Comparison)

Cardano is known as a 3rd generation decentralized, open-source blockchain platform with ADA as it’s native cryptocurrency tokens. At the moment, Cardano is …


  1. I am definitely going to hold BOTH… ADA and ICX are both solid investments with solid teams behind them. Im holding for the long term baby…. oooooo i just get tickled pink thinking about these projects.

    Great video mate! Subscribed! Keep them coming! 😀

  2. ICON will be the Amazon of Cryptos. Do NOT wait to invest later. It is unreal their price is at these levels. I have slowly bought up $25k and plan to hold long. I project ICX to be worth over $50 by 2020 easily!!

  3. Ada is great but overdelay so its sleeping giant and we dont know when it will wake up ..icon is sprinting towards top 10 and also taking leverage of great partnerships.presently icx is winner..

  4. I have personally loved Cardano more than most projects and for the longest time. Since looking more into crypto and going beyond bitcoin I realised that Ethereum was incredibly interesting begun further down the rabbit hole. I heard about Cardano not long after the token was launched and have been following progress and holding a substantial amount for quite some time now. That said I have also recently invested in icon and although I only own hundreds rather than many thousands of them I do believe both projects are interesting.

    If we lived in a world of pure sense and logical rationale then I would be 100% into Cardano as the team, the methodical peer reviewed approach and long term goals are incredible. This is crypto though and the space is full of total nut case speculators, whales and traders who don’t research and don’t care about long term visions, future benefits, problem solving or fundamentals. Considering this fact I am into both along with many others.

    If you can’t beat em join em eh? Another good vid mate.

  5. Cardano doesn't seem to be in a rush to get to market. With so many PHDs running the project it may just become an academics dream of the perfect coin. Never actually rolling out. I've seen many ivory tower solutions. ICON is here now, maybe ADA will replace it in 2-3 years but only time will tell.

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