Changelly Exchange Tutorial – How To Use Changelly To Convert Bitcoin

Try the Changelly Exchange Here: In today’s Changelly tutorial I show you how to use Changelly with Coinbase to …


  1. Interesting. So if a 5 minute delay is in their favor you'll get it quickly. If holding up the transfer for a while is in their favor then you wait …

  2. thank you
    you are great
    as i was searching and googling Changelly I found a lot and a lot of bad comments and stories about people loosing their money
    I am new to this and I dream about helping my family with only the few hundreds of dollars that i have so I can't just give it a try 🙁
    I also can't sign up for coinbase
    any help?

  3. Are u comfortable using coinbase as your wallet? I’ve heard that because it’s coinbase is an exchange it’s best to have your crypto in a different wallet. What are your thoughts?

  4. You should do a tutorial on using Changelly in the Coinomi Wallet. I did it last night and it took like a whole day to exchange. I tried to sell the Bitcoin while it was high. However I don't think it went through until Bitcoin crashed. So I think I was screwed by Changelly. I exchanged Bitcoin for Bitcoin Gold. You should try it and see if you get similar results.

  5. Unfortunately you did not show 'exactly' where/how to place the Changelly receiving address on the Coinbase sending wallet on Coinbase website, at approximately 3:30 in the video, words don't cut it for visual learners, so I don't know how to do a transaction! It would/could have been a PERFECT video and it is exactly what I am trying to figure out how to do! Thanks for trying, but there are more of us beginners than you realize who need HELP!

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