Chico Crypto Education Ep.1—Understanding Bitcoin and The Blockchain

Tyler of brings you his first of many educational videos. Todays video breaks down what is bitcoin, what is the blockchain, and why bitcoin in impossible to hack. Comment…


  1. Get stuff Tyler! I bought some Komodo 2 days ago like you recommend a while back. Do you think I should sell after Monaize or hold long term? Also, check out Maredsous Tripel. It's a really strong and tasty Belgium beer.

  2. thanks mate. I am researching generation three blockchains at the moment and I have found something very interesting. ICON is leading the way in establishing the first Interoperable Blockchain Network (IBN) (and I know you get the magnitude of that). But there are competitors in this space, none more so than Hyperledger and the EEA. At the moment Canada is forging it's very own ecosystem to compete in at this level and I was wondering what your thoughts were on the Tendermint and Nuco roles in the evolving Ethereum ecosystem. I think they fit perfectly as 1) a COSMOS IBN and NUCO's Aion-1 as the private permissioned Enterprise blockchain counterpart. Thoughts? Hope I am right, because the implications of this are massive for Canada & Ethereum's public blockchain.

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