China Theory Comes True & A New Bitcoin Prediction

China Theory Comes True & A New Bitcoin Prediction Recently we got news that China would be launching their own centrally issued digital Yuan. This was …


  1. The privilege of reserve currency is controlling a bunch of vassel states. Breaking the power of the reserve currency will implode that system; so probably some walling off will happen to seperate these competing systems of power. But somehow I see the USD system looking like a Gulag with a collection of Potemkin villages.

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  3. 🧡💛💚💙 Well, we don't know what the next 10 years holds for sure…. but it seems like it will involve:

    1. Bitcoin going to the moon to rival Gold as a long-term store of value

    2. Deflationary death-spiral in certain parts of the world. Inflation being too low, and negative rates. U.S. + others will be forced to Print Money to pay off the debt as a form of taxing the middle class via purchasing power removal.

    3. Lots of 3rd world countries will have a Revolution of some sorts.

    4. 1st world countries trying to ban Cash transactions so the banks can steal money from the bank accounts

    5. China announcing they have 20,000 tonnes of Gold and their Cryptocurrency will be backed by Gold, therefore opening the trap door on the U.S. Dollar (I have learned this from Max Keiser)

    It is stupid not to have Bitcoin and/or Gold in ones portfolio. If you don't, then you are ignoring History and being ignorant to Economics.


  4. Lol what a load of shit. They will never use bitcoin. Bitcoin is pretty much chinese controlled digital currency . No country is going to give up the dollar for bitcoin. Gold may be but that is highly unlikely as much as Maloney thinks we will have a great financial reset. Won't happen. Bit coin is dying a slow death. You only have to talk to a real educated economist and you will know that bitcoin is not even on the picture and never has been. Maybe a world currency in the future. But it won't be bitcoin. I guarantee that.

  5. China's blockchain has nothing to do with privacy, and everything to do with getting out ahead and on top of the tech, to its biz & trade advantage. Lots of technocrats in the CCP, while the US is still led by dithering attorneys and terrified bankers. The opportunity in the West is for investing in China gov-sponsored blockchain companies, not for its citizens to protect their basically non-existent privacy.

  6. I very much doubt China is not already accumulating Bitcoin. I even suspect America is secretly doing so also. If they are not then they are very foolish. The writing is on the wall for the global economy and Bitcoin is a life boat. Micheal Moore said capitalism would invest in its own distruction and I think Bitcoin is the bomb.

  7. It’s funny that we claim we have all this gold still in Ft Knox at the same time telling everyone we only printed X dollars when our government has fasab 56 to evade having to report in full disclosure of how much dollars we actually print.

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  9. History has taught us that no fiat system has ever lasted longer than 300 years. We are there. It's about time. This time, it's going to be incredibly transformational with bitcoin.

  10. Spot on
    A discussion on SDR basket of currencies with.possible BTC inclusion would be good

    I see Russia India Iran and China along with their satellite states adopt a cross border digital currency to circumnavigate USD

    US like Rome is starting to bring the Troops home as currency devalues

    It’s card has been punched
    How the middle class react when they find their pensions are not there will be interesting

  11. I think it's the only way China can continue to grow so they will throw absolutely everything at it and they will want it to get into the west so their Currency can't be detached from Western economies.
    I also don't see USAwith the world's strongest military and largest military spending just letting go of their Currency. It will go to war before that happens.

  12. …..Yamashita Gold? 7'000 tons looted n hidden in Philippine caves in WWII and the Marcos family (mysterious 950B $) fortune?? surely the philippines would be happy to peg their currency, if the numbers/Marcos stack up…!?!? Lol

  13. Lots of positive sentiment regarding China and their support of blockchain for their own digital currency but won't that just make them more likely to ban bitcoin as competition against their own digital currency?

  14. I like the fact that you wave to your audience everytime you start a new video. 😄 What’s your opinion on europe lagging behind. They should have already build their own PoA blockchain with all member states being a node and other bog important companies.

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