China’s Mysterious Billionaire, Guo Wengui | China Uncensored

Meet the mysterious Chinese billionaire living in a $67M New York apartment. He says he wants to expose corruption in Beijing…but what game is he really …


  1. no, xi only wants to weaken jiang's party, but keep the rest controlled by letting jiang not prosecuted. it's like shoot 1 or 2 people as an example and let the boss alive to help xi control jiang's remaining people so that they go with the government

  2. Everyone who are Chinese into CCP communism, need to exercised,The new generation power and Human rights (Love For there children, peaceful life that No one can buy. I have a great respect for a leader who have compassion .Power to you Miles1

  3. CCP government should stopped in china .. China should democratic n interdependent nation … communist party no more control china wit cheat n torturing n taking all free human rights

  4. Well, it's been nearly 3 years since this was posted. As he has been peeling back the skin of the layers of the onion, how many of Guo Wengui's "unsubstantiated claims" came true? Seems like his track record has been pretty decent. Interpol issued a warrant for Wengui's arrest then Interpol President Meng Hongwei turned out to be as dirty as they come and was arrested. Total soap opera. Is China Uncensored going to do a follow-up?

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