1. Why do exchanges (i.e Coinbase, Gemini, etc ) have a temporary hold (i.e. x number of days) on your BTC or ETH before you can send it to someone or to one's cold wallet (i.e.Trezor)?

  2. Hey great video. Quick question though…you mentioned that when transferring USD to Bitcoin from a bank account as opposed to a credit card, the transaction fee is less, but it takes several days in processing time. Does this delay affect the price of the transaction or does the transaction maintain the price from the time of purchase? For example, if I bought Bitcoin today when the price is low through my bank account, but lets say a couple days later when the Bitcoin is finally transferred, the market price for Bitcoin is more expensive relative to USD, will I have bought the Bitcoin at the cheaper price from the time of purchase or at the more expensive price from the day of the actual transfer?

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  4. Can you receive bitcoin from say Bitcoin ATM… I don't see a receive option, just buy and sell. I see a QR code but no reference to receiving.

  5. Hi! Great video. Do you have a suggestion about which currency to buy in order to buy other cryptocurrencies? I have a cryptocurrency that I would like to buy, but I have to buy BTC, Ethers or Lite first. What do you think is the best option and why? Thanks in advance

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