Coinbase is Manipulating Bitcoin & Crypto Market – Ethereum Upgrade & $1,800 Value

Crypto exchange Coinbase appears to be manipulating Bitcoin and the Crypto market as they go down every time Bitcoin pumps 5%. Coinbase is valued at $8 …


  1. After reaching recent highs of $10,400 earlier this week and then plunging in just a matter of minutes analyst have been quick to respond with expectations of a downside movement of the price bitcoin but from a macro indicator, the bulls remain in control. I have come to the realization that the only way to stay safe in the crypto market is to always make profit which can only be achieved through trading though I am not an expert trader I’m a smart one because I employ the services of expert traders. I have been copying the trades of Nathan Trueman through his daily trade signal and have grown my portfolio from 2 btc to 8 btc in just a month, Nathan is a well seasoned and expert trader that less experienced traders should have in their corner and his trade signals are of the highest accuracy I have come across. He can be reached via telegram:nathantrueman or WhatsApp:(+44) 7723 984457 for more information on his trade signals.

  2. Hmmm … anyone here ever actually worked on scaled software of this nature? Sure, market manipulation is real, but people bumrushing servers causes problems (and to constantly support that amount is very, very expensive) … An accusation about a piece of tech going offline is all-too-often due to a lack of scalable tech. I'm a software engineer, so not totally convinced this is malicious.

  3. Its funny that you see that Coinbase is Manipulating..They been doing that since DAY FUCKING 1. Ur too late to report but better now than never but ur slow.Wake Up people.

  4. Tony they are JP Morgan customers now them partaking in market manipulation is probably part of their deal. I’ll be buying a new ledger and taking my assets off coinbase.

  5. Oh my god. I hate people like you cryptomaniacs, Coinbase does not make any money off of you losing money. If anything they are losing with you. And most important of all, do you guys have any idea how difficult it is to keep an exchange running when every single account is updating their Limitorders whilst simulataneosly sending out a lot of data for the moves to be visible to the user ? Of course their servers arent going down when there is zero to no price action, there is no algorithm built into their system that makes you lose your money, you could just use another exchange and that would not be good for coinbase. Just stop ok ? Nobody is manipulating the price and nobody is shutting down the servers so you cant sell or buy.

  6. HEX did 100X in 4 months – Might want to check it. Bitcoin and Ethereum have already had their biggest run-up. HEX, just started and can go WAY up

  7. I stopped using coinbase 6 months back they mess around too much and change policy without warning. I dont know how someone can be comfortable investing alot of money there. They also take ages to respond. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy exchange where I can buy cryptos or are they all like this.

  8. It's quite simple in my opinion . When the price goes up they're protecting their money , keeping people from selling , taking profits and draining coinbases' bank . Money in , not out .

  9. Is it possible that they shut down because they catch word that other exchanges are manipulating at those times and they want to distance themselves in some way???

  10. Tony, can you do a video on just how crypto insurance works? How do you insure a resource that is finite. Say btc mining is exhausted and someone hacks a bank holding btc, how do you insure that? Give dollars back? Where do you get more btc?

  11. It isn’t just Coinbase, it is also coinpot which is associated with coinbase or could be coinbase themself cause it’s the only extange I know of where you can withdraw from them for free only to coinbase wallets. They go down with coinbase servers, Along with there 5 faucets. I’m guessing they have other “partners” as-well. Could just be a lot of traffic but I feel it’s something sketchy.

  12. It’s probably a safety measure put in by Coinbase to avoid manipulation. They don’t want these huge swings in Bitcoin which are commonly caused by whales and manipulated. What coinbase may be doing is similar to the circuit breakers in other markets. It is actually a great idea and provides safety for most investors against huge swings by other manipulators.

  13. 🙏❤️✝️❤️🌹👏

    All exchanges are cheating in different ways and manipulating the prices and are stealing people’s money because we have no regulations 😡

  14. Cmon Tony! A couple of tweets come out and you are ready to believe them. Where is the actual proof?! I need more than just a chart and a couple of tweets with assumptions. The market is manipulated by the miners, by all other exchanges, the whales, you are not too concerned with all the other factors? Yet, you are demonizing CB? There have been 2 'outages', big deal, so what? Outages are normal Tony. All exchanges go through issues. Remember CB has nearly 40 million users, more than any other exchange. You shouldn't come to conclusions and judgements based on such sparse information. Give me solid 100% proof and I will crucify them too, but as it stands its not enough. It seems every time something is wrong, you guys are preaching to delete CB accounts, boycott them etc. I have heard this from you before and other YouTubers. Just relax and get some actual facts before spitting out venom, please 😉

  15. Great intro, i thought for a second i clicked the wrong channel.. I don't use coinbase anymore i use binance via vpn, when am in usa, i live outside of usa so binance is the best..

  16. They won't address this Tony we need to lodge our complaints to the S.E.C. All the Charts of the Cryptos on Coinbase pump and dump at the same time WTF. They definitely manipulate the market, they are a piece shit company that over charge for the cryptocurrency they sell.

  17. Hi Tony, really good video and I always enjoy the interviews you do. I am from South Korea so I use Bithumb. But to be honest Brian Armstrong was having meetings with Jamie Dimon behind closed doors for years. All while at the same time on the surface one CEO is promoting cryptos and crypto exchanges, while the other is on the opposite side bashing BTC into oblivion. That just seems a little off to me personally.

    Also, regarding the bank which raised funds via the University of Wyoming, wasn't that also the university which IOHK (Cardano/charles Hoskinson) donated $500k to? Maybe more interesting things will come from that part of the US? 🙂

  18. If we haven't had a bull run yet, blame the crypto exchanges, especially the ones that offer high leverage services. Insider trading is becoming so obvious. Sometimes when the market continues going up with so many investors taking very high leverage, the only option those exchanges have is trade against the investors so they don't get short-changed.
    Crypto exchanges are making so much gains off investors' money by way of insider trading. They monitor the order books closely and apply sell orders even before the system authenticates investors' sell orders.
    So, it's the investors vs crypto exchanges, the whales on black mask.

  19. Everyone should contact the Better Business Bureau and Coinbase’s Attorney Generals Office

    Tony you should lead the charge on this. I’m not a influencer

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