Coinbase Pro Full Tutorial 2020: Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners

Coinbase Pro Tutorial 2019: How to Trade with Market Orders, Limit Orders & Stop Limit Orders. In this video, I show you how to deposit your funds into your …


  1. Hi, thanks for this tutorial. I do have a question regarding the 24 hr price, may I know how to get that 24 hour price percentage? is there a specific formula to get that? Thanks

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  4. Hey do you guys use coinbase mobile app vs website? is it slow? i think the big turnoff with coinbase is exorbitant amount of time it take to transfer funds

  5. How are you figuring out the decimal amount of how much BTC you are trying to get for the price your setting? I haven't ever been able to even buy and trade an entire bitcoin. Also, when you submit a limit buy order, how do you include a stop loss at the same time in the same order? Like regular trading software, it is so simple, and even have trailing stops and present stop loss percentages by just right clicking and chose buy or sell order. I just dont understand THE most important thing in trading. Setting a stop loss, whether you are buying low hoping it goes up, or short selling (which is another question I have, including a stop loss with your short sell).

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  7. Wow, I wish I have seen this video sooner. Paid a lot of fee for Coinbase ( didnt know anything about trading and thought if I use Coinbase Pro then I might lose all my money because its for trading, not buying). So trading is basically you sit there with your comp and place a tons of buy/sell orders?

  8. I was trying to find a complete video on this topic. Thanks for the upload. It's been over 1 year since I used coinbase pro and needed a refresher course. I just did my first selling of BTC for the year at 10200 🙂 It's great when your coming with that BTC from 5800!

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