CoinCorner Review for Beginners – Buying Bitcoin – 4 Minute Tech

In this Beginner’s Guide I take you through my review of CoinCorner for buying Bitcoin. Remember this isn’t financial advice! If you find this guide useful, …


  1. The CoinCorner Iota withdrawal is failed. Its accepts an address without checksum, getting a new checksum, consequently creating a new IOTA address that I do not have access to.the system allows and accepts the error of the user. Coincorner provide me just EXCUSES, WE WILL FIX THAT.

  2. Just did some research on bitcoin wallets, but came up rather short in fiding a solid mobile wallet on which you simply buy sell send and receive. Just when I thought to had found the right one, coincorner, the online negative reviews couldn't have gotten more disappointing. This however is something different entirely so kinda mixed up now. Is there any chance you've been testing any other mobile wallet with the same functionality?

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