Coinigy Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform!!! (Review)

Since Ive been trading a lot more recently, I purchased this and was presently surprised! Hopefully you guys also try it out, …


  1. Awful platform and support. Tried to use it with Binance, but constantly disconnects while trading. Support said that it was my issue as Binance was blocking Coinigy IP addresses! (Apparently as a subscriber it is my responsibility to get the Coinigy IP addresses and make sure that Binance has them whitelisted…) Then said that I need to watch the twitter feed if I need any additional info as there was NO indication of this on the platform while I was trying to trade.
    Aside from those issues that make the platform totally worthless to trade real money, the screens are overcrowded and the order input is far from intuitive.

  2. Hey, thanks for your Videos which are great advice for Newcomers like myself. I have a question concerning Coinigy: There is a lot of fraud and basically no customer support on popular exchanges like Binance(hidden fees by not fully filling orders) and Bitfinex(coins disappear/cant be transferred from account). Can you avoid that by using Coinigy or is it merely a User Interface which makes use of the other exchanges and you are still in danger of the same threats?
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hello,
    Can you pre-set the following conditional orders on Coinigy WITHOUT taking a position first?

    A. buy X amount of coins when price reaches $X with ALL MY AVAILABLE FUNDS, and then..
    B. sell ALL MY AVAILABLE COINS if price reaches $Z, or..
    C. sell ALL MY AVAILABLE COINS if price dips to $Y.

  4. Hi which trading platform approves the transactions the most quickly, Crypto prices change with in seconds, to make profit on them it is required that if you are buying or selling you order should be executed immediately. Can you advise on how and where to proceed? I will highly appreciate your feedback.

  5. Do you have to create accounts on all of the exchanges and transfer your balance to the different exchanges like you normally would before you can trade on them? Or does Coinigy simplify that in some way?

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