Complete Guide to Buying Cryptocurrency in Canada (Bitcoin, Altcoins) using Coinsquare

COINSQUARE IS THE COINBASE OF CANADA Video on how to use quadrigacx: So i changed my mind, i like quadriga better because of the layout of…


  1. You can also buy BTC with Shakepay! We're the easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin in Canada 🇨🇦. (1) Instant verification (2) Interac e-Transfers processed in minutes (3) No fees for deposit/withdrawal (4) Works with all Canadian banks and credit unions. Find us at @t​

  2. Hey man, I have a very basic question, I recently started using coinsquere and my question is do I remove my coins Instantaneously after I purchase the coins top my wallet or leave it in my cs account?

  3. I just signed up using your feferal thanks for all the great info! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!if you feel like returning the favour my lite coin address is MQypLNDowbBBMgQA2Umrf78HWiNMso9Yxc

  4. coinsquare is a fake man after watching your Video i spent my 200$ and when i convert it in CAD and try to withdraw now its 4 weeks . i did Direct Bank depost and still i didnt get a peny man . i contacted with supposrt center no on reply so dont loss your money guys becareful

  5. BEEN waiting since Jan 24th for $811.66 withdrawl to bank account. Support tickets sent, no replies. Still cash received as of Feb 5, 2018. WTF?

  6. I'M CALLING ABSOLUTE BULL SHIT SERVICE COIN SQUARE … How can you have instant Deposit via eTransfer, but no instant withdrawal via eTransfer. THIS BARES ALL THE MARKS OF MANIPULATION (Answer) A F###ing Dedicated eTransfer team.

    Not some BULLLL SHIT about Banking restrictions, the BANKS are F###ing happy for the business, Every time. Seems like a seamless operation, but the term "Hidden in Plain site" could NEVER be more TRUE. F###ing OBVIOUS …Sorry, I am sick and tired of the Industry manipulation, we're meant to be creating a fast decentralized ecosystem & service, with the popular service of eTransfer. That is the bridge to a speedy service, NOT this MANIPULATIVE waiting time or NO eTransfer service, all together. WTF … Crypterium should hopefully fix this problem.

    If I am wrong, please forgive me, however I think I am NOT wrong. Some please correct me if there is something I am missing.

  7. flexpin has NO holding period and its easy to use. But i didn't like i could not trade btc to cdn due to low liquidity on coinsquare when the last dip happened….gives tether more reason to exist even if you have to be careful with it…..

  8. Hi, I opened a coinsquare account and they didn’t asked for any identification. I also opened a coin base acc and when I went to log in they asked for email verification because I logged in from a different IP address which I kn I didn’t. So, I’m not sure if I can trust these site to deposit my funds.

    Do you know of coinsquare stop asking for ID verification?

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