1. I disagree about inflation. I think that people that usually spend the most pre covid are spending as much or more online atm. I would love to see Amazons revenue this year my guess it might be nearly double what it was last year if not even more.

  2. At the beginning, Jack brought up Daxflame and then the conversation went elsewhere. I'm so happy it ended up coming back up at the end!

    Love these! Keep it up guys!

  3. Love the channel but I’ve said it once I’ll say it again can we get some diversity on the channel? Outside of white males, I’ve loved the guests but why not diversify your guests??

  4. One youtuber/twitch person who is very open and interested in the business side is Ludwig Ahgren. From him being on Devon's twitch show he seems to be struggling with feeling over-compensated for the work he does, so, there could be a discussion there about donating to or even starting a non-profit. Oh, and he had problems with finishing his taxes a few years back, lol. But he is an absolute natural at building a brand, critiquing thumbnails, organizing a show/story, etc.

  5. Really took my unsolited advice to heart just commented yesterday and you already got Idubbbz. Then they say that commenting on youtube videos is pointless. Showed them wrong.

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