Consensus Algorithms, Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin UCL – by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

An academic lecture by Andreas M. Antonopoulos explaining the consensus algorithm, “Proof of Work”, used by bitcoin and many other blockchains. Andreas is …


  1. 11:35
    indeed, a8d19153 (a8d191538209e335154750d2df575b9ddfb16fc7) is the SHA-1 of "Hello!n", the SHA-256 of "Hello!" is 334d016f (334d016f755cd6dc58c53a86e183882f8ec14f52fb05345887c8a5edd42c87b7).
    The guy from the public executed shasum without params, which, nowadays, uses sha1 by default, the way to obtain SHA-256 is through sha256sum or shasum -a 256. Apart from that, without cleaning the new-line.
    The way:
    $ echo -n "Hello!" | sha256sum
    $ echo -n "Hello!" | shasum -a 256

  2. Watching this in 2019 wishing i saw it in 2016 . I invest everything i make into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencys because i know what there truly worth ! Thanks for the awesome speach man !

  3. Pretty neat! Andreas. I mined bitcoin in 2013 for money without knowing what I was doing. I left the industry only to return in 2017 – I've spent last 2yr watching videos like this! I know know better. I wish I watched this before I became a BTC miner…Very good!!

  4. Hi Andreas, interestingly you mentioned the plan to increase the block size in 2016. I wonder what's your view of bitcoin cash and bitcoin cash SV?

  5. Dr Andreas me perdoe e algo fiz centros supletivo s com problema de saúde deste criança são estudos………se formar desocupado e algo sério livros dor cabeça ética segurança saúde costas peso desobediência e perto portão rua como chá ? Pede pedra sopa receita.😍 Hoje como pessoas com perdas de espaço aceita café?

  6. Mac Terminal:

    hasum <<< 'Hello!'

    shasum <<< 'Hello!0'

    shasum -a 256 <<< 'Hello!'

    shasum -a 256 <<< 'Hello!0'

  7. Watching this in 2019 gives me a real feeling of how tech evolves! This was recorded when BITCOIN CASH was still a theory without a name yet, we have two bitcoin cash now! lightning network was still alive only in theory, we have payment channels funded with 1 BTC currently and still growing! Truly bullish on the future of crypto!!💯

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