Coronavirus: The conspiracy theories spreading fake news – BBC Newsnight

From a secret plan to stop Brexit, to a virus engineered to control population, the conspiracies surrounding the coronavirus have been spreading fast on social …


  1. It's 2020 and people are still believing in the media? xD They are the
    same people who told you that Epstein killed himself and there were wmds
    in Iraq. They weren't telling you the truth before, why would they now?
    Can people just admit they were duped once again by their loving
    government? Do you seriously think they wouldn't take advantage of
    something like this? Whether they personally created the virus or not,
    they are clearly using it to their advantage. Getting people scared, so
    scared they act like idiots and can't think straight. Driving places out
    of business so larger ones can take over, making people homeless and
    deprived of income and stuff so they can be more dependent on the
    government ect. How can people NOT see what's going on here? Do people
    have to live like North Korea in order to get the picture? I don't think
    the virus is fake, but many of the numbers are. They will count it as a
    covid death if someone dies from something else but happened to test

    There is something going on here. By it's very nature, it's a
    conspiracy. However they want you to think that every conspiracy
    theorist has the same beliefs and agenda. They don't. I don't believe in
    every single conspiracy, but a lot of them do have quite a bit of truth
    in them. I uploaded videos of which involved empty hospitals despite
    covid being around, and people being diagnosed with it, despite not
    getting actually tested for it. I had 3 channels and uploaded the video
    on each channel and all 3 were taken down within an hour. They don't
    want you to question ANYTHING about this virus and will viciously delete
    your stuff faster than you can say "fuck!" Many other websites will do
    that as well and are clearly tools of the mass media. Vimeo,
    Dailymotion, ect. will all delete them as well. Try and do it and see
    what happens. Bitchute and roxytube are one of the few that won't delete
    it. Let's see you have a media that is known for lying, telling you to
    not trust any source that questions anything about it and has betrayed
    the public numerously. What do you think is going on here? Yeah, because
    no government in history has every betrayed it's own people right? Just
    ask the communists. xD

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  6. (MASK of the beast?) 1 of the luxuries of creating and holding the patent on a chemical weapon, take CV19 for example, is that you can totally control the population by releasing it anytime, & anywhere you feel like, & just call it a "2nd wave" or whatever you want to. I'm sorry. Maybe referring to it as a Chemical Weapon was a little harsh. Let's just call it a Designer Drug. Amen

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  8. Yeeeeeez…. the amount of stupidity and misinformation in these comments is crazy. That’s the only awakening I‘m experiencing. Humanity is lost. Einstein was right. The stupidity of humanity is endless.

  9. .Put a man or woman in a uniform and they think they are God
    The police don`t work for the people they work for the Banks and shareholder
    Since people were allowed to record police it as uncovered so much police cruption
    When did the police start working for the DVLA
    We have corrupt governments corrupt officials corrupt police force and it need to stop
    Give a man a gun and he will rob a bank give a man a bank and he will rob the world

  10. Put 20 people in a room, tell them all to be relaxed, they will all be tested negative for covid. Tell 10 of them to experience fear, anxiety, stress or even physical pain. Test everyone again, who do you think will have covid? Before you answer, please look up "Covid and Exosomes" and how they are similar. FYI exosomes are released whenever their is an insult to the body. An insult being fear, anxiety, stress, etc…

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  12. "The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses."

    Malcolm X

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  14. the people in the comment and dislike the video are stupid they have no proof that the coronavirus is fake and the great solar flash is real they are literally going to make the world into chaos and i know what you thinking Oh CoRoNaViRuS Is FaKe AnD ThE GrEaT SoLaR FlAsH Is ReAl if coronavirus is fake then why aren't you feeling it viruses first start with the black plague and so on and if the great solar flash is real then what if it happens YEARS AGO humans have been living on earth for many years and if the great solar flash one of those times we wouldn't be here so yeah

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  17. CIA phy ops along with Blm with Molotov cocktails looters protect and bailed out by government financed by google Amazon Bezos Facebook cia nsa and fbi!They push fake news anti police propaganda stunt to be replaced by UN?

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