1. or invest in a crypto that makes you money instead of piling in just so you lose less….. 1 year ago – BTC $6200 and XRP $0.51c – today BTC $9300 and XRP $0.29….

  2. Introduced to Bitcoin May 2019 as a total nube during the run up to 13.8k. Cost averaged every dip and sold on the back side of that wild ride. Decided to research for alternative coins to BTC. Didn't have to go too far down the list before finding XRP. Early August I bought my first XRP. The next day it started dropping, dropping, dropping. Using all my BTC money I cost averaged from 0.30 to 0.22 (Yes I got lucky and guessed right on the bottom) for an average of 0.265. Now I'm a BTC convert hooked on XRP BIG TIME. I♥XRP

  3. 20,000 XRP in my bag. The thing people need to remember is to accumulate slowly. This is not financial advice. I lost alot in the last bull market because I got into bitconnect and cloud mining and other scams air drop give aways. This is my chance to learn from my past mistakes. Do know XRP has all these fake give aways and I fell for it once don't do it. Cloud Mining is a ponzi and lending markets are not very safe at the moment. Just know 5,000 XRP at a predicted $10 a XRP is amazing! If you have 8,000 XRP you are set.

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