Covesting on PrimeXBT lets you copy experienced traders!

Hashoshi sat down with trader and creator Lisa N Edwards to discuss the Covesting platform on the PrimeXBT exchange, which allows one to copy experienced …


  1. Can you please do a deep dive into the risks of contributing to a liquidity pool. Eg if I put in 100 eth to uniswap liquidity pool, do I expect to get 100 eth back plus a share of fees. Are there risks other than the price movement of coins. Thanks

  2. Hashoshi, do you believe Aion still has the potential to be a good investment? Or is it a dead project? You hardly hear anyone talking about them anymore.

  3. I can't finish the sign-up. United States is not on the country list. Honest. I'm still looking. No United States, no America, no North America, nothing where I am. Wilco-Tango-Foxtrot?

    Follow-up: Is it THAT much trouble to mention up front that this service is not available to anyone in the US? You wasted my time talking about something I can't take advantage of.

  4. trading ruins lives, it is simply gambling, all the emotional traits are present. This lady herself sounds like an addict! We should be promoting investing over trading. Rich dad poor dad style

  5. Ohh, look! Another useless sponsored video. Why do 'tubers in America constantly 'recommend' products NOT available in the US where 75+% of their viewers reside? Affiliate Commissions! I'd bet they never look at the project again after they sign up to the affiliate program let alone actually use them.
    Bye Hashoshi

  6. Thanks for this great information, I just recently bought btc and eth but no trade just put it in a ledger wallet, and was only planning on just holding adding more not sure if it's ok to just hang on to it, I live in usa so I guess no trading for me. Ok to just hang on to it?

  7. As a developer what on your thoughts on lamden tau’s approach to build nativity python and the disregard solidity the standard programming language in crypto

  8. the nice thing is when elliot trades give us the amazing opportunity to have a nice 50% covesting on prime xbt the moment we got one their was a trader who popped up called d1 fund and he was by far number 1 and i think 55 of elliot trades his followers went with that one and 4 days later they all lost 98% of their funds and d1 funds dissapeared … do the math

  9. Thanks so much for watching! Be safe out there, folks. Use good risk management, please, and even when Covesting spread your risk across multiple traders if you choose to use this feature.. 🚨 NOT available in the US and Canada, my apologies for mentioning this later and not at the start of the video! If you are in unsupported countries do not attempt to use this service. If you're in supported regions within Europe or Asia, you can sign up for PrimeXBT: Use promo code "Hashoshi" to get 50% deposit bonus. (Sponsor)

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