1. Ten minute BLOCKS were specifically chosen by Satoshi as a tradeoff between first confirmation time and the amount of work wasted due to chain splits. … For example, if it takes miners 1 minute on average to learn about new blocks, and new blocks come every 10 minutes, then the overall network is wasting about 10% of its work.

  2. 1MB blocks is not the whitepaper protocol. Segwit isn’t. Blockstream isn’t. methereum isnt. It’s not egold. fuckikes. And midwits.

  3. I been doing alot of research in this case. I think Craig Wright signed that block pretending it was someone else , to prevent Ira Kleiman from getting Billions of dollars in bitcoin. Kleiman is the guy who would sell all his bitcoin, and cause bitcoin to crash and destroy so many peoples lives. Ira Kleiman recently added his wife to the LLC in florida in 2018 (right after the case started); which appears to me like they are getting ready for a big payday. That same LLC was established just for protection and tax benefits. My theory is that Craig Wright will lose the court hearing and disappear , with the public keys lost forever , to never be touch. Craig Wright is the type of guy who will do everything he can to prevent another person from cashing out on those bitcoin. Maybe thats a good thing . #justmyopinion

  4. Also we don't need or want big blocks, but segwit and lightning or liquid are definitely not the answer, but there are teams of devs working on better solutions, I know a team who have got 80,000 contracts per second with 2mb blocks on consumer hardware, using a constant time algorithm and Asynchronous contracts.

    Something you'll never see with bitcoin or ethereum

  5. I'm glad the proof that Craig Wright is a fraud is being circulated. Buying BSV is like buying a fake Rolex 🙂 I would also just like to take the opportunity to correct a few points in your video. Bitcoins are mined approximately every 10 minutes, not every 7 seconds and block size IS important for individual independent node verificators (like me and others) to exist. I can verify the Bitcoin blockchain at home on my computer, I don't want to have to pay for a large warehouse of servers in order to have to do this (which I would have to do if on-chain block size was constantly being increased as a scaling solution). There are over 10,000 individual, independent node operators running a BTC node without any income. These node validators are important for reasons of Security and Decentralization. Small block sizes allow tens of thousands of independent nodes to validate the BTC blockchain. Imagine if these independent validators needed server farm warehouses to independently validate – They wouldn't do it.

  6. I've been calling for the demise of BSV's BTC ratio to align with the start of a real bull market (one that includes a glorious altseason) for years, and it's obvious the time has come. I'm in complete agreement with you on BCH too, hence my old "Is BCH the real bitcoin?!" video that I made shortly after the "trying to nail a medium-term top at $13,700 bitcoin" video. Bitcoin kinda failed to lead altseason throughout 2019 and altcoins have pretty clearly been more correlated to BCH/BTC than BTC/USD over the last couple of years from my perspective, which is perhaps most easily observed by comparing OTHERS.D and BCH/BTC. There was a couple brief periods of time where I was seriously considering the possibility of extraordinary pumps of BCH/BTC and altcoins/BTC at the enormous expense of BTC/USD… the reverse of what happened in 2019, essentially. However, since noticing around $4.5k that bitcoin bottomed exactly where it was on December 26, 2018 when the plunge protection team stepped in to save the stock market, I've been quite confident everything is going to be great, just moreso for bitcoin cash and altcoins.

  7. Screw u tmg, bcs of u I can't watch slow speaking ppl no more haha, just watched some buzzfeed bunny n Clyde shit, this dude is so slow… I need overload!!! But by the way, u speak slower, hmm, don't know if that's good ^^

  8. Only constraint for bigger blocks:
    Somehow you need to store the whole freaking chain … Do you have 1 Petabyte of storage at home or on your phone?
    (And prevent a Miner DOS Attack by crafting a maliciously big Block, lets say a Terabyte :P)

  9. Who even starts to claim to be Satoshi,(in a court of law)if it's not Satoshi him self. So Martini, I surely cant believe random YouTube guy telling me how he has done research. There's no evidence what so ever online. So ,only thing you can do is listen hours and hours him talking and then start to Think once again… These ppl are geniuses, hard workers who never sleep.. we are just Punch of smart asses with very poor understanding of who runs the world really. If Bitcoin can crack down pedophiles and gangsters and money launderers,then yeah…why would I not believe him.. if he wants he can prove it.. and he will. If not,then I'll eat myself Mccafee dick. Anyways, good job with research,but not strong arguments enough. Rat poison is rat poison.

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