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  3. One thing I love about my bank is that they have the mobile banking app and one feature is whenever my card is used,I receive an instant notification and if I realise I didn't do that transaction,I can actually shut my card off instantly so if its any fraudulent activity,the person(s) won't be able to use the card or card info again

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  5. One when you use your card instead of giving out your secret 3 digit code you would receive a text and then you would have to type a separate number that will change with the 3 digit number on the back of the card. If you have a special pin and you do this this could help with this happening. If a person had to hold their finger over a fingerprint reader or along with a chip in the card the card would have an area where you would have to place your finger while your card is inserted in a chip reader at a store etc. The other thing is there is that card that was shown on TV that you could load more than one card on it at a time and if all new credit & debit cards had to be made like this a real time fingerprint detecting device could be placed in the card and when you place your fingerprint on the card the card will broadcast your the one holding your card and when you enter info from a text to verify that you are who you are then you could make your purchase. If you have a fingerprint reader on your mobile device that could be a secondary form of protection.

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