1. UPDATE: I have updated the spreadsheet after MCO utility was transferred to CRO. COPY the updated spreadsheet here:

    ⚡️ Get $100 on crypto.com with code "denome":
    – $50 when you order a metal debit card and stake 1000 CRO: https://crypto.com/app/denome
    – $50 when you stake 5000 CRO or more on the exchange: https://crypto.com/exch/denome

    The end-year profit is calculated with simple interest. You will make higher profits if you reinvest the profits like I show on the minmax strategy videos. Links are in the description.

  2. Syndicate events are quite often now. Every 1-2 weeks. The compounded effect of 3% 30 times a year is starting tot. You can also keep adding CRO to your staking pool as you get interest daily. Then you get comound interest in a way since you are reinvesting that CRO. I cant do the calculations right now. It is way too complex so early in the morning.

  3. Denome. Thank you for your efforts here. Now – how to copy the Spreadsheet? (Maybe I’m a bit stunned here.). I copy the URL- paste it into a new Tab – not working. Paste it into “Sheets “ app on iPad – not working for me. I can edit a cell but get no effect in the rest of the sheet. Why am I doing wrong? Great work Denome. Appreciated.

  4. Wouldn't the same card benefits that provide a price floor for MCO also create a price ceiling? (I.e. Demand for cards decreases as mco price increases and value props for benefits erode)

  5. What would make this better is you included the cost of using a non approved currency. For example is Australia we have to conver AUD to SGD and back again when we use the card losing about 0.8% in transaction fees on puchases. Maybe a currency conversion loss field would be useful. The second thing is you don't factor the extra 2% interest on White/Rose/Black cards on earn deposits. You could have an input field which lets you enter how much you have sitting in earn so you can add the benefit for the extra 2% in mco on the value of that income.

  6. Hey @denome if i stake 500 MCO and in a year the price drops to 1$ that mean we lost all ? and would it happen in the near future in your opinion ?

  7. Hi ! Thanks for the video and the file. there is something that I need to make sure I get it clear. If you choose let's say to stack 500MCO, you'll 3% cash back. But if you choose this card we can legetimately think that you monthly expenses willl not be 400$ anymore but much more, wich changes totally the yearly profit, right ?

  8. I was thinking, mco vs cro you should add in cro tab the cost of running you Spotify/Netflix/prime. Because a lot of people have them and pay them so why don’t deduct them from your RIO, like that is more interesting to see the REAL benefit. Btw CRO still win but is more competitive for MCO

  9. Amazing video, again. And a great tool! I would like to reach 100k CRO in staking, but I have to wait for the price to go down a bit.
    Can I change the currency to € without destroying your template?

  10. all this cashback and staking is great…but HOW is crypto.com not a ponzi? How do they make their money to pay for all this stuff? Are they simply printing their own tokens and dumping them on the market to fund their whole operation? If so this model cannot be sustainable

  11. Excellent video, well explained. Maybe to add: Apparently you do need to keep the number of MCO staked for the card in order to maintain the benefits of the card. Also after the 180 days.

  12. Hi, I always like your video good job. But can you take out of consideration syndicate for CRO please because you didn’t consider earn bonus with mco as well, so this comparison is not fair for MCO

  13. Imagine… they are going to launch the main net maybe end of this year or Q1 2021. Both mco and cro are ETH tokens right now. What if they merge them in one coin in CRO probably ? I think that would be the perfect solution. Having two coins now seems just so useless. If cro could gain the price of MCO (or more) It would be amazing for everyone investing and also for Crypto.com would be a statement of them being an amazing team. (Got my card last week, did you order yours ? )

  14. Love your crypto-dot-com content
    Looks like the syndicate values have changed recently
    Currently have 70000 CRO in flex stake so i can immediately participate in syndicates but it appears the max cro i can stake in syndicate events is now 45000. Have you reduced your flex CRO or just left it?

  15. Great video as always!

    This platform truly works out if you "spend money to make money" on both tokens.

    Its truly disheartening to see the MCO vs CRO camp! Both tokens compliment each other and have their use case.

  16. Hi mate. Very nice. I think you should make an update though. It's easy because you already made all the work.
    Is fine that it doesn't include the benefits of lounge etc for MCO. However, firstly, think you should add one number to the blue section : "value of other coins in earn/staking on the platform". Then you can calculate the extra 2% for having MCO. Secondly, add an automatic calculation of the cro gains from having MCO. This should be added under MCO because it's an extra benefit of having MCO. So when people plot more funds into cro earn in your sheet, the interest on MCO also increases.
    These would be two easy changes for you to make which would make your tool almost perfect. Good job mate!

  17. I think it's important to consider that CRO has been massively overbought last week, and there hasn't been a correction for months. So just one correction already changes the entire calculation.

  18. can you please clarify what they mean when they show potential rewards for "50 or less MCO staked" and the next option is 500 or more staked… where is the in between?? lets say you have 300 staked..does that fall under the 50 or less or what.? its not clear

  19. I think you may be mistaken, https://youtu.be/Mscb8TDGa6M?t=534

    By staking(10K CRO Min) you have access to both the 20 % APR yeild on staked coins AND access to the syndicate. Of course you must contribute to the sindicates as they come up… But it sounded like you suggested you needed to stake 20K CRO to get these benefits.

    Clear as mud?

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