Crypto-Crime: How To Prevent and Detect Crypto-Fraud & Recover Coin If You've Already Been Swindled

Blockchain technology is rapidly evolving and creating a new genre of crypto-crimes. These new schemes present unique challenges for law enforcement, …


  1. Great video! Learning to spot some early warning signs to help prevent this crime from happening is an ultimate goal. Please be aware of Crypto-Fraud, Check frauds, smishing, credit cards frauds and id theft. Cryptocurrency fraud have always been a target for criminals. But in this
    age of technological advancements and increases in organized criminal activity, the world is finding it difficult to stay ahead of the fraudsters. Add to this the significant regulations related to the industry and it becomes clear that everyone must maintain constant vigilance in order to detect and prevent credit card fraud and identity theft. If you've been a victim to online frauds, fraud emergency you may report your case with the FTC online or through Losangelesacfe@gmail,com certified fraud examiners that offers a list of investigation and restitution services for free. The sooner fraud is detected, the lower the financial impact. Often the victim is the first person to discover fraudulent activity. keep an eye on your statements. it's a lot safer when you know what to look out for.

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