CRYPTO … For Noobs

Crypto is the newest character in Apex Legends and with him is a wild new Season that came with a NEW MAP, GUN, and MUCH MORE. He’s been hacking the …


  1. I have an idea to rework Crypto
    Passive: Neurolink
    His tactical and ultimate scan enemys within 30-40 meters of u
    What do u think
    Tactical: UAV
    Crypto deploys a UAV that cannot be controlled
    Ultimate: Surveillance drone
    Crypto deploys a drone that cannot be exited until destroyed
    When destroyed, his ultimate unleashes an EMP

  2. Bloodhound should be able to have a bird camp in one spot and if it sees anyone it can take some ammo or something from them and tell u where they are, although that is kinda broken lol

  3. Bloodhound is better as you don’t have to stand still while scanning you can be running towards them so he’s much more aggressive.

    Drones don’t win games bullets do lol

  4. Please buff crypto where he can detect a enemy for 3 sec after they leave the drone’s view or make it capable of carrying 1-2 things but not weapons.

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