1. Great video. What do you think is the best way to invest in GPT TokenGo platform? Already bought some tokens. ICO will end on 31.05. I think long term wins!

  2. seems quite a few icos don't allow americans to buy. is there a way to know before bothering to register or whatnot with a ico website whether or not they will allow americans or not?

  3. I live in Thailand. My understanding is that there are no local cryptocurrency exchanges here. You pointed out an example that in New York there is only bittrex and therefore New Yorkers can only use that exchange. Does that mean I can not use an exchange outside of Thailand?

  4. My friend Bitshare was like NXT.. early thought leaders.. Well Social media is the MEDIUM to ring the blockchain to the masses HELLO.. I have been doing SEO for 5 years and I know…

  5. My timeframe for Waves is at least 1-2 years, same for my Sia and Factom although these two have real life working platforms so might mature a bit sooner if marketing is done right. I have no problem with Waves taking that much time or that my Waves are a bit below ICO for the time being. The Waves team did announce they were going to release on Bittrex and Polo soon after release and they did repeatedly say that Polo has the code and that they want to assist Polo if needed. I think Polo is not interested to have Waves up for trading. Afterwards Sasha turned this around saying he wants to start with a small exchange first to stabalise the network.

    Remember that one of the utilities that the Waves platform will bring (if it succeeds) is that it can function as an exchange, this might be the reason why Polo wants it to fail and doesn't want to list Waves. These are just my thoughts on it and Polo might list it afterall.

    I do like the fact that Waves didn't release at a price 3x or higher than ICO price. Lisk release was ridiculous and people start to expect they can just get into an ICO and dump on release with huge profit. That's plain wrong to me. The reason for an ICO is to support the project for future development and that's why I agree with Tai's message is in this vid.

  6. Tai, IMHO an ICO is not equivalent to an IPO. An ICO is equivalent to a series A/B round in regular business financing. For Crypto the initial token launch on exchanges, and not the ICO round, but would be the equivalent to an regular IPO . Even though ICO and IPO sound similar, the concepts are totally different. The confusion of these two concepts is what has created confusion in the market and so bad PR for Waves project.

    Waves, Lisk , TheDao and others made a strategically poor move by launching their token immediately after the ICO (series A round financing). Usually and IPO or Initial token exchange launch is met with market enthusiasm as the business has already made effective use of their original ICO/series A financing and increased its capacity and value by the time the tokens hit the market. In the the case of waves, it was like a standard company doing a series A financing round and a month later going public……In doing this, there is absolutely no additional "real" value to offer the market, and absolutely not benefits to Waves other than the hope of staring a hype cycle. This is a poor use. Examples of proper strategic financing and appropriate token lunches/IPOs are Augur, Bitshares, Ethereum and many others. Most of these take about one year in between Series A/ICO and IPO/Initial token launch. I am a long-term Waves token holder….

  7. Hey Tai, When you said you have "no plans on selling LISK or WAVES anytime soon in 2017", did you mean 2016? As that would fit in to your view of holding the coins for around 6 months. Sorry, just wanted to clarify that point….. Btw, great video as always, bro….

  8. Hey Tai, first i want to say thanks for all your videos, i watched all of them and i will watch every single video which you register because in my opinion this is the best crypto investing channel and i have to agree that with your help and advice from your videos i did good profits and i understood how different coins/platforms/therms works! Please do not take in consideration what haters said because it's normal to have different opinions. They will realize in time that was wrong and i'm sure will regret ! Please do not stop to register videos because i'm sure lot of people are waiting for them as we wait for hot cakes !

  9. you are wrong regarding the listing on Poloniex. There was a tweet from sash saying it will be on poloniex soon, and that was 2-3 weeks ago and still it hasn't happened. Also there was a statement lisk release yesterday trying to distance themselve from Waves. It sounds very sus to me.

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