1. Tai, your doing a great job! I believe Crypotcurrencies are the hottest asset in the world right now. I bought some ripple coins last Friday, after the big news from Japan, and in 2 days saw a 250% increase……what??!! amazing

  2. I always find it amusing when people refer to Bitcoin as a currency, as if the term 'Bitcoin' referred to a valuable item rather than to the network protocol. I do have to admit that 'Satoshi' was pretty clever in selling it that way, though; I imagine that 'untraceable electronic cash that can be used anywhere in the world' sells a lot better than 'secure distributed accounting system' would have, even though it is a much more accurate description (and far more important and useful than any cryptocurrency could ever be). Unfortunately, the really important and revolutionary aspect of it – that it is an abstract valuation marker the relative worth of which is negotiated with each transaction – is undermined whenever someone talks of it having an 'exchange value'. That isn't how it works, and it really weakens the Bitcoin protocol's real importance. However, I can only assume that people aren't yet ready to actually grasp the true significance of a trade system (other than direct barter) which doesn't involve any kind of currency at all, so… shrug The takeaway? Bitcoin isn't money – Bitcoin is a technology demonstrator that shows that money is obsolete and has been for years. Mind you, it isn't doing anything that banks haven't been doing since the 17th century – back when it was realized by the Dutch stock brokers that it was easier to send IOUs than actual gold – but it does it in a way that requires no pre-establishment of trust between the parties, and that is revolutionary.

  3. I see all these altcoins as currencies a service provider Record Keeper all together and the prices of their coin is like a penny stock could go boom could go bust a lot of going to go boom . it's a progression into a more advanced more efficient form of banking and storing wealth it's hard for people to wrap their mind around it but it is here now

  4. Great video Tai! Keep making more videos on this topic because this is what investors especially new to Cryptocurrencies want to hear. Also can you do an interview with Darcrus? They're super legit right now 🙂

  5. I think this is the only place to hear about general financial rules with real examples from cryptos that you can relate and apply. Very nice Tai.

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