CRYPTO INVESTING UPDATE (Is Bitcoin a Gamble or Are Debt Weapons Giving Me Unlimited ROI for FREE?)

Matt brings an update on how his Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency investment (paid for by the banks!) is doing. Plus, he takes a look at what the recent federal interest …


  1. Really love your videos and approach to credit and finance. However on a technical note, when you said ‘Federal Court appointed rate increase’, I was shaking my head in disbelief. The private banking cartel know as the Federal Reserve sets the interest rates. They are as I stated ‘private’ and are no more ‘Federal’ than Federal Express. They also have nothing to do with any court system and therefore this rate hike had nothing to do with court orders. Finally, the rate increase was a quarter of a (one) basis point, not twenty five basis points – .25 basis points.

    I understand the intent of your message and agree with everything you said except for the incorrect references mentioned above.

    Kudos otherwise!

  2. If I was you, with the gains you made, I would pay back the principal you borrowed, then you can keep the profit as a 'free trade'.
    In any case, Thank you very much Matt for your outstanding videos, keep it up!!

  3. Should I borrow from my whole life and invest heavily in Bitcoin? Seriously thinking about it, especially since Bitcoin Cash jist got added to Coinbase and it's skyrocketing.

  4. You should Take some Profits.. and use it to pay your Monthly payments so you litterally have 0 overhead. The banks buy your crypto, and crypto pays the bill with profits. You are correct in the tax aspect.. its classed as property. Good video. i am Actually looking at crypto again.. As i have been in option trading for a long time… im lOOKING for a little more action than what i have been seeing in that market. The one Coin I am looking at is XRP which is ripple (Ripple) They have an awesome set of customers that use their tech. so i can sit behind this coin over lets say doge coin or other coins that have no real life use.

    I do carry balances on my cards. But i just set up my new bank account that I am going to be paying them down automatically. I used to be in Bitcoin when it was in the 150 dollar range and sold it to pay some bills.. LOL man if i would of held it today i would of had a nice down payment for some real estate. However no one Really knew this was going to happen. Thanks for the video. Love the channel. Keep em coming,.

  5. Love the vids, glad I’m subscribed. You should check out GDAX, it’ll save you money on fees compared to Coinbase. It’s still owned by Coinbase, just not as streamlined

  6. Hi Matt I’ve been a subscriber since about 8-10 months ago, I’m very interested to know exactly what is a debt weapon and like you said ( the right time to use it). I’m currently creating a high balance on my credit card and exactly how that’s gonna affect me.

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