Crypto Market Will Recover "Like Before", Invest In Bitcoin Before Debt Explosion & NEO 3.0 Upgrade

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  1. Excellent video but Indeed Samuel is one of the best traders, I have made so much profits from trading with his recommended strategy and now I have recently made over $6,432

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  3. Thanks for the videos, buy and hodl on for dear life. I hope for the good of human kind that cryptocurrency will thrive not because of emotions. I believe crypto can help people.

  4. Wall streeters all stated that these types of delays mean they will reject it. The SAME ETF was rejected back in March of 2017. I believe this is their 3rd attempt. The reasons the SEC rejected them the first times have not been resolved. Theres no reason they will approve it this time. The massive dump was most probably government insiders dumping and experienced wall streeters who know what this means. ETFs are very difficult to get approved. It took other commodities several years to get ETF approvals. NO ETF will be approved this year.

  5. This is everyone's second chance to get in at this crazy low prices it will never be at this point again, this train made a u-turn to pick up people better hope on now. I will load as much as i can..

  6. There's all of this anticipation that the stock market will crash similar to 2008. I assume an exception to this would be companies investing in cryptocurrencies and would thus buck the trend. Thoughts?

    Obviously I would say, focus on cryptos, but there would still be several people who would prefer to channel some money into the stock market.

  7. It's easy OTC dumps on the market overtime until ALL big guys have their bags full. Then they buy from the market later. Done. We just have to wait for them to pick up the paint brush and paint the market up as regardless of decentralisation the USD to buy in with is centralised to the 1%.

  8. September 26. Watch out for this date. The IMF will release massive news and if you are backing 2 of the correct coins then life will be alot better for you come end of October.

  9. if the intresst keep going up, they will do it in the end, we will do it , just wait a littel more, i am also ok if it come in 2 years or 5 years, then we have finisched ico product and much better eco system in the blockchain, but of course i would also like if Crypto rise again tomorrow, so take care

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