Crypto News | Bitcoin About To Bull Run?! NSA Has Infiltrated Cryptocurrencies

It’s a very decisive time for the market right now, with Bitcoin looking t break out for a bull run but will it have the strength!? —————————————————————-…


  1. 🐑 people buy more bitcoin before it goes down in price again. The whale's should be slamming down the price of Bitcoin by the end of February 2018!

  2. the weekly and monthly charts still bearish they need to reset, a bounce on the daily chart doesn't convince me we are 100% bull again

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  4. I like your videos but the swoosh to subscribe like and activate notifications is really annoying, anyone enjoying your content knows how to do that.

  5. I think the Eastern Markets are waiting for the Chinese New Year ..also could You do an in depth report on how the Markets are affected by the difference in people's waking hours between the East & the West..I think this is acrucial aspect I haven't heard You give much attention to..thanx..Love Your Shows..keep up the good work & 10k subs by Feb 14 th come on Team Gore! Sarrf London mate..cheers Bro X

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