Crypto Risk Management | How to Manage Risk When Investing in Crypto? Token Metrics AMA

Risk #Crypto #Investing Crypto Risk Management: how to manage risk when investing in crypto? Sign up for Token Metrics at Token …


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  2. I look at crypto portfolio management the way Benjamin Graham did.

    If you get the 10 largest tokens by market cap, you're finding the Defensive coins. With this you can get good returns without getting rekt. 10 coins should do the trick. 10% of portfolio.

    If you want to juice your returns, then you will look for Enterprising coins. These are coins with good technology, lower cap, growing. Higher returns with higher risks. 20 of these are a good blend. 5% each.

    Then there's the cigar butts. Net-Net. Good hype with possible 100x returns but can go to zero. You need 30 of these. 3% each.

    If you want to build a good portfolio then a 1:2:3 rario will work.

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  4. Thank you Ian and team for the educational content and work you do! The gas fees are just too high to put small amounts (<$1000) into LP for farming, even on 1inch. It’s a major barrier to entry for anyone trying to start off and grow. It makes sense if you have $50k worth of ETH sitting idle. Please provide some advice for those entering the market with very small amounts on how to seize opportunities.

  5. Thanks for the useful video once again.

    Could you give us your take on NFTs? Have you invested in these? What is the best way to get into invest in NFTs such as chainguardians / ethernity etc?

    Where can you see NFTs going in the near future?

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