Crypto Scam: Crypto Revolution System review

The Crypto Revolution System is site that promises a quick fortune with little effort. $10 can turn into $10000 – or so they say. But with everyone looking to make …


  1. just got fu ked out of $220 by that POS. His requirement that I load Telegram on my Iphone and computer, then send a screen shot was absolutely bizarre. Watch your azz. I belong to two different groups, NOBODY has ever requested a screen shot of anything.

  2. I will be a bit more blunt; you are a scared little dweeb. Go to your job, listen to your boss, give your fiat earnings to your bank, be a good little lemming! Got it?

  3. Okay no this is wrong lol

    You’re listening to propaganda and not watching the market. Coins raise over time, and many have realistic potential. Watch the market over a period of time and you’ll learn more about the crypto space.

  4. Ok darling. Yes, it is risky, it's an investment. Just look at the chart. Bitcoin is the the best performing asset of all time. You don't have to invest if you don't want to.

  5. Wake up . It’s not a scam. They try to teach you how to trade crypto. You are still responsible for your own trading. Take their info and learn from it. All trading info has to have warnings that they are not financial advisers. But that does not mean they are a scam. $100 a month is investing in your education. Pay for it until you are ready to fly on your own. Do not trade with money until you have mastered the basics of trading which usually takes 1-2 years of study.

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