Crypto Scammers tried to get me, twice! Telegram social exploits, fake EOS sites & what to watch for

Be careful when using Telegram especially if you hold crypto! There are social engineering exploiters and scammers aplenty! ⚫ pEOS fake website scam: …


  1. the scammer sent me a link where he stole my 12 phrases (I thought I was recovering my wallet on desktop)- Do you think this link could have affected my computer?

  2. So sick. I've heard from scammers like this before, and they justify their terrible behaviour by saying their victims are so stupid, that they deserve it. I've heard audio recordings of such guys, and they are cruel, they are so rude, and they dehumanize their victims. Terrible.

  3. Be cautious about attractive women sending you a message to introduce themselves then invite you to a trading investment company that can earn you high percentage gains. The company will take your money, show bogus returns but not allow you to withdraw. One scam company that does this is BaseFX Investments.

  4. Wow. Definitely some sick people out there…But, as always, thank you for your generosity in sharing this so that others don't actually fall into this trap. I can't even imagine what it would feel like to lose my crypto to a scammer. Nice little reminder to always be on the lookout for this stuff. You're awesome, dude.

  5. Hello Colin, I hope you are well.

    It's true, I'm not so tech savvy. But it's also true, I trade crypto – in the Winter hahaha.

    Is it possible you could put together a video on handling crypto safely – all your thoughts, experiences, past mistakes or close calls. Yes, I know there are probably dozens of them out there in youtube-land, but I watch your videos and feel you speak so honestly and directly and I think you would probably put a lot of thought into it and it would be super great.

    Maybe you have a lot of things to do every day. It's just a question.

    Thanks again for being so great.

    I really like your American accent. I know I wrote that before, but I do.

  6. Thank you for sharing, Colin. I don't use Telegram often, even though I am connected with business people through it with our own Telegram chat groups. I would never answer anybody that I didn't know…just too darn risky. Glad you used your common sense and didn't fall for it.

  7. Thanks Collin. Good to alert us these Fuckers who made entire Cryptoworld a bad rap when real people have question or require help hard to get one. I prefer the old time Chat app allow to track IP and allow us to boost these idiots or crash the PC through tiny script.

  8. Hardly anyone covered the meet.One airdrop using scatter, I did my do diligence, I hope that wasn't a scam. Do you have any input on that airdrop? The last day to claim was yesterday.

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