1. Here is a scam where copy and pasting addresses sent crypto to the scammers wallet https://cointelegraph.com/news/reddit-user-warns-of-a-copy-paste-exploit-that-stole-his-crypto

    When copying and pasting a crypto address, it's possible that a scammer can insert their own address when you try to send cryptocurrency.

    So either you need to double check the address you're sending to by looking at the last 4 numbers/letters of the address or use Unstoppable Domains so the address is simple and easy like melancholychill.crypto

    Here is a scam when staking with Cardano, the host made it so they received 100% of the profits. This is a new scam that I'm seeing for the first time

    The 2020 Twitter scam was a really big deal and made a lot of people think Bitcoin was a scam but really Bitcoin is just money and therefore it's conducive to fraud like any other money.

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