Crypto & Stock Trading Community Show – 10.04.2020 – The Broiler Chickens Show

Welcome to Crypto Trading Community Show (The Broiler Chicken Show). A free weekly Brief from our trading and investing community. Would you like to learn …


  1. Brian I love your history lessons and story telling. You make the topic of financial education interesting for all. THANK YOU for your time, knowledge, valuable information and dedication to this. Its is greatly appreciated!

  2. Love the broader outlook and thesis and your well thought out reasoning behind it. Thx for the great content Brian. You really must be a ENFJ to give these thoughts away for free regularly.

  3. I've been looking for information on how bankers do their business and this video had a LOT of useful information. Thanks Brian!

    However I don't understand one thing. You think BTC might go down if we it 16K. Of course it will go down to a certain degree, but wouldn't that just be a final punt to the head on the holders and traders before new ATHs? Going 16K -> 8K -> moonlambo or something like that.

    Awesome video as always

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