Crypto Trading For Beginners: Exploring Bitcoin

Following on from our first video on crypto, we now explore some of the risks of holding Bitcoin and some advantages offered by trading Bitcoin and other …


  1. Thank you for putting btc in the spotlight. Im not bad trader but everything change since 2014 when I bought bitcoins. My bitcoin wallet that I hodl for almost 5 years (it will be 5 years this september) grew a lot compared to my forex account that I have been trading since 2012.

  2. More to the point, I will never ever use Libra. Can you imagine a central bank modelled crypto which declines payment for 30 days because you've offended some snowflake or other? What a joke. I hope it fails. Facebook is the enemy of freedom.

  3. 100% take the money in bitcoin. Can't be shut down, anytime international payments, permissionless and an investment over the suggested time scale ! 1m BTC price within next 10 days gaurenteed. Negative treasury funds will send global bubble burst into BTC. Only matter of time , take back control

  4. With reference to your hypothetical scenario I will hold bitcoin, as the Govt prints and prints money into the market fiat losses its value.

  5. What's the fee structure on Trading 212? I did check the website, but it's a little confusing as I've never traded it as a CFD before (swap, spread, etc.) Currently I pay 0.15% per limit order and 0.25% per market. Thanks!

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