Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! People bulk buying these new GPUs to mine for coins have turned them rare and near unobtainable to those who …


  1. The IT guy at my old high school during the graphics card shortage pushed a crypto-mining program onto all of the school computers via a central server that he would normally use to push updates or w/e.
    Well, my friend caught the program one day, as the computers were running ridiculously slowly and he checked the task manager to see what was eating up the CPU. Found a program called minergate, did a little more research and found it was some low-end automated mining program. But this guy had pushed it onto several hundred machines, including the school's laptops that were issued to teachers.
    That guy wasn't there too much longer after my buddy reported the issue.

  2. You know what's fucking hilarious? All those chumps who bought hundreds of video cards each to mine bitcoins are now trying to sell their used cards on eBay for the prices they paid for them… and they aren't selling. Warms my heart.
    You know what's more hilarious than that? Sending those dumbasses offers of 20 to 50 bucks for the cards they bought last year for hundreds of dollars. 😀

  3. >Getting ready for summer vacation
    >find out about crypto
    >electricity is included in the rent and already have gaming PC
    >leave gaming computer mining over the summer vacation in dorm
    >calculate i should have earned about 100$ when i come back
    >finally come home after vacation, hyped for free money
    >i can't believe what i see
    >rage fills my body
    >Windows automatic update completed

  4. It's so ironic. I've always wanted to build my own rig (in part to get it cheaper). At the time I had the money it wasn't viable anymore. Had to buy a prebuild and replace some parts.

  5. I remember my old gtx770 was an inch from death when the whole bitcoin like just got to 20k or before that time GOD DAMN was it cancer to find a gpu at msrp bare minimum i had to troll microcenter to buy a rx 580 @ 8gb and it was right around 300 which shocked me since it was a perfectly fine gpu for the price it was the only one not double msrp granted last in stock but the luck with that whew. Almost had to ask someone i k ow to use their IT discounts/networks to find me a gpu and id pay him the caveat would be that it would come directly from like MSI or another company.

  6. Again, i don't support you with this: You shouldn't be playing games on max settings anyway, because you don't see a difference between medium and high (rarely you do). You're just wasting power and graphic cards. Aka, you are irresponsible and misinformed about software graphics.

  7. I'm sorry… I don't support you on this topic.
    You beleive in shit, you got shit back 🤷‍♀️, not my problem.
    You beleive in fake money as the rest of the population does, you got what you wanted.
    End of.

  8. You are doing the right thing. Call out the price of the graphic cards and the crypto currency scam and spread the message to prevent people from buying those graphic cards at a high price. It's not an overnight process but if people lower their price ceiling/tolerance, then those companies will have to lower the prices since not enough people will buy them.

    108k views is not enough to change that market significantly but your channel is big and keeps growing with people like me and your other suscribers.

    Share this videos, ladies and gentlemen.

    Peace out.

  9. crypto miners are literally cancer, thanks for helping the ai doom us all, good job, you made a little coin, what u gonna do with it when anything other than slaving is illegal

  10. Just came across this and yeah I feel you. I saved up some cash to build my first pc at around January 2k18. I was wanting the 1070 FTW. It was like 1,500 USD for the cheapest one but I got lucky and hit up nvidia and got one for $449.99.

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  12. 3:10 Muta hesitates for a second when telling the then current year
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