Cryptocurrency- An Introduction (How To Invest, HODL, Basics, Tips, Resources, & Much More!)

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  2. There's a site called Coindacs which is really useful for investing into Crypto responsibly and boosting long term profitability. They use Dollar Cost Averaging automatically, connected with Binance Exchange using either BTC or USDT into any coin. It removes time spent looking at the charts and trying to time the market. The technique is based on buying MORE crypto when the market dips and LESS when it rises to have accountability for your trading.

  3. The guy created a successful channel and she tacked on after the success was made and pretends she help – all that to avoid getting a job.

  4. You said a bank loans out 9 times the money we put in the bank. How can they loan out 9 times more than they have? Only the fed prints money. Where do regular Banks don't print money so where do they get it to loan it?

  5. Can you review ARCT token.. Arbitrage Crypto trader.
    They have done an 800 million coin burn.. only launched 2 weeks ago and have already listed on 3 exchanges and 3 more big exchanges coming up. They have a small team but have done alot. Their prototype will be live next month and they have already showed it working. The price is still cheap at 0.06 USD, could be a huge sleeper. They also announced mobile applications launching this month for android and Ios. Would like to get your teams input.. potential 30x imo.

  6. As the world governments are figuring out what to do with crypto regarding taxes it would be in all our best interests to prove that these alt coins are true currencies and not stocks or commodities – this is our next challenge and I'd like to see Elle and Omar talk about this on their next show

  7. Hello guys.. Recently I started looking into ICOs and I came across a promising ICO named LOCI that wants to simplify the patent process. Anyone in here invested in LOCIcoin? Would love feedback! Unlike most ICO's, LOCI already has a working product named InnVenn, a search engine that makes the process of patent discovery faster and more affordable. The token sale is now live… check it out at

  8. Great “intro” video. I’ve been having a LOT of conversations about digital currencies this week and will start passing this video as a follow-up. You do a great job keeping it simple and entertaining. (And personally, Thank you for explaining FUD and HODL, I feel much more hip now)

    Cheers and love

  9. So the Question: "What is the difference between centralized and de-centralized exchanges?" Omar's answer was "…these centralized exchanges don't run the risk of somebody running away with your money [ 00:31:38 ], no one has ever hacked the Bitcoin network…"

    So…. "Hackers Infiltrate Official Bitcoin Gold Wallet Repository" – Josiah Wilmoth on 30/11/2017

    Does that count? Was this a first? I thought that Mt. Gox and other exchanges had been hacked… please help me understand, I'm new to all of this.

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