Cryptocurrency Billionaire Reveals Bitcoin Predictions for the 2020 Decade | CZ Binance Interview

CZ, founder and CEO of Binance, is LIVE with us to answer ALL your questions regarding bitcoin, binance, and cryptocurrency in 2020! [This is NOT sponsored!]


  1. I've been into crypto since feb and have been led to believe that CZ and Binance were evil and yet i cant help but like this guy.So Binance just won another customer purely on how i view CZ since watching this interview,Thanks Austin,Aaron and CZ

  2. Fraud BİNANCE does not pay my 28 thousand dollars. I removed the ethbull exchange, which I paid 1600 dollars for, paid me $ 79 and closed my account. I gave you to the makeover BINANCE and @ CZ_BİNANCE

  3. Binance has also usurped my $ 28,000 money. I can't get it back. Fraud BINANCE. NOW THE RESEARCH IS BEING RESEARCH I WILL FILL THE CASE AFTER THE DEFENSE. DON'T USE THE EXCHANGES

  4. Wow Binance CEO and founder. Well done on that one guys. I am just impressed how much money these tech entrepreneurs made for themselves. They caught the opportunity like crazy.

  5. Well done landing this interview, a reflection on the quality of your regular videos.
    Sad to see all the scam giveaways are appearing as ads throughout this video. @youtube team, stop allowing scammers to advertise please

  6. THIEF!! CZ Binance legally steals money from users on his exchange. He literally stole my money. No wonder he is billionare. He could be millionare, but hey, why not steal from users and be billionare. Be careful with him. And Kukoin also steals. They are all cheneese exchanges. Have nothing against Chinese, don't get me wrong.

  7. I know you do not know where. The future of Bitcoin is CZ, but you are gaining power fast…. the elite will not be happy with you… sorry CZ, but you are not as smart as we all thought you were….

  8. Great interview… but unfortunately when you become a billionaire that fast it is easy come easy go… “who” determines the value anyway???? When the dollar or monetary system goes away, what is the value at that price point to the general public when food isn’t available??? Long term YES, short term? Buy things that will let you live the longest… everyone is gonna want what you have….

  9. Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) are one of the most widely talked about topics in DeFi. It is considered to be the future of cryptocurrency exchanges because it can relieve common problems such as lack of transparency in transactions and the risk of asset theft. On the other hand, user growth in DEXs is limited compared to centralized exchanges due to liquidity problems.

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  10. THE truth is, we are heading into a super cycle "reset" from our star…every 12,600 or so years keeps resetting our species…This is a great concept but we are too late, unfortunately…If only Nicola Tesla would have had his way, we, as a collective consciousness would be sooooo much further along in the next step….

  11. This is leading to the Mark of the Beast. This is nothing to rejoice about. Before the rise of the Antichrist, or during the reign of the Antichrist the whole world will be cashless. And eventually, people will not be able to buy or sell anything without this cashless mark or you will be beheaded.

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