Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin the truth about investing in Bitcoin: Need For Speed Payback Gameplay

Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has been a hot topic. Here’s Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin explained – the good, the bad, and how to profit. The Truth About Cryptocurrency & Investing in Bitcoin Video…


  1. This crypto is where its at bro i been making crazy interest on my return free from the control of central banks they run it bra its about time we take back our freedom real talk.

  2. with bitcoin they fork it to create more coins. Com on Lamont. we are eventually going that way because the U.S. don't want to give up power to china. It goes like this, they let you make money on the next thing then they roll it out and sucker you in. bitcoin is anti Gold and silver because if they had 20% of the people buy G&S then there would be no crypto but they have to let some people win to inform others that this is the new money. Now if they get 20% of the people using bitcoin they can pass the law to outlaw money as currency. have you notice you can't slide your card any more? you have to insert it. NEW AI baby!

    Don't let them take your money if you do they control You!

  3. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is all the rage currently. Want to understand if its right for you and how it all works? Check this video as we discuss it over the new Game, Need For Speed Payback!

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