1. sir…if u dnt mine how the bitcon account will create by our selves…and what is the starting purchase of the bitcons and how could we approch for that

  2. Complete bullshit..!! Please improve Ur knowledge before doing these videos !! 21million is the total supply..and near 17million are already mined..it's near waste to invest in mining and similar processes .. Bitcoin is not the only crypto .. there are a lots and lots of better options like etherium,ripple,tron,verge etc .. which have a lot better ROI …so please improve Ur knowledge ..guys do research before investing in crypto … if u just invest without researching u will loose Ur money … Don't be manipulated by these videos ..!!

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  4. Baaga chepparu
    Judam,&avasaram leni dabbu maa capacity ki lopala pettamannaru
    Chaala correct ga chepparu I like it.
    Slate one coin gurinchi teliya cheyandi

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