Cryptocurrency Investing 101: How to Succeed in the Wild West of Technology

In this video, I’ll be sharing an outline of my entire philosophy when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. I’ll be covering some of the main ideas that I …


  1. Hello Thomas. Very good your videos. Congratulations! How about making a video about the new NFXtrader exchange and its native NFXC token? I'm on the NFX coin telegram channel.

  2. What a stupid fuck. He doesn't know anything. Seriously….how is the difficulty calculated? What is an elliptical function?

    You don't know…do you? stupid fuck

  3. This is so stupid. You know NOTHING about crypto.

    What is an elliptic function?
    Why is the public key not the address?

    Freaking youtuber that makes are young people stupid…..Damn you.

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  5. Louis… you are a fraud also… your "the market has decided which is the Bitcoin version they want" is bunch of frauds, sheeple and idiots.

    Let me remind you what you said in this video: for a project to be good, it needs 3 things (all 3), one of which is UTILITY… right?

    So… where is utility in BTC with no scaling… at best 7Tx/sec… no functionality for anything, no capacity… where is utility there?

    So there, this proves that you are a fraud, because YOU KNOW this very well, yet here you are giving financial advice to others which you yourself, have no real knowledge about.

  6. Investing in crypto is dead. Bitcoin and alt coins are like digital gold… they are commodities.. not currencies. Digital currency will probably happen but countries will just make their own. Technology will keep improving which will make a lot of cryptos of today irrelevant. I've thought about it a lot and can't see any situation where all of these cryptos stay relevant except for maybe black market transactions.

  7. Hi Louis. Haven't watched the video but wanted to ask what you think of de marcel's latest video telling people to get exchange bitcoin core for bitcoin cash. I think you had him on as a guest before and was wondering your thoughts.

  8. 70% of mining of BTC is done on ASICs. What's to stop a government from making it illegal to make ASIC miners or any miner for that matter?

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