Cryptocurrency Investing – Best and Worst Strategies Explained

You want to make lots of money with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, right? Well, there are some very good ways and also some terribly bad ways to multiply your …


  1. guys don’t blow all your savings on trading if you don’t have the right details on earning from these coins…trading is tricky and painful when you lose money so i urge you to be careful

  2. I really don't know why people feel there is a way to make profit in cryptocurrency, am I the only one who has just wasted my funds all in the name of investing in cryptocurrency?

  3. Bitcoin and Łitecoin mining reward halving ‘supply shock’ coming down the track.

    Last ‘round’ of halvings signalled the arrival of the 2015 – 2017 price surge ………🌬………🏄🏻‍♂️

  4. "don't buy at all time highs" gee, thanks for the pro tip

    I disagree about hodling alts. It just depends which ones you pick. Most will fail, there are a few that will succeed IMO, and the biggest one will be XRP. It is literally the only crypto with a utility atm and it is made to work with the banks rather than against them. Once it is fully adopted, it volume of payments running though it will necessitate a large price per coin. Mark my words. XRP will make me a millionaire, bitcoin may make me a hundred thousandare. I would have to have some serious cash in order to get a goot amount of bitcoin at this stage.

  5. Randall, you amateur, how much have you lost shorting and longing using leveraged trading? You are such a moron. You are the last person ANYONE should go to on trading strategies. Kook.

  6. i recommend btc was 500$ and 1000 $ and im not understand what is blockchain i thinking that's scam !!😅
    😂and i buy in 7000$ and 14k$ and 3500$ than ibuy altcoin and iget lost 80% value
    now i understand hard how to invest 😂

  7. Excellent,,, finally a youtuber told people what I was telling Sunny Decree and other youtubers stop promoting BitMex and leverage trading.

    We need to buy hodl and trade bitcoin. Save it in Nano ledgers. Not leverage trade it at all.
    Thank you for honesty man. Like👍🏻

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