1. Trading without a working/ reliable strategy is more like gambling, you need to master the intricases of price movements

    in addition to a suitable strategy that is applicable to various market conditions.

  2. Hi Philpa, i am in a pool ADAAP, if i want to change pools do i have to wait until that epoch finishes to get my full rewards before i re-delegate. Also when i do re-delegate to another pool do i join before the epoch starts, or can i still join half way through the epoch. thanks.

  3. hey philpa can you tell me if its possible to move testnet ada from yoroi to deadaleus ? if so when you undelegate from yoroi is there a period of time you must wait before you can send? thanks

  4. Welcome back! Hey… could 1 Lovelace ever become worth 1 cent in US dollar terms? How could that theoretically happen? And would ADA need more levels in its denomination between the 1 ADA itself and the 1 Lovelace, like the US has nickles, dimes, and quarters and even above a 1 dollar bill it has the 5, 10, 20 dollar bill and so on. At 1 penny per Lovelace there need be no higher denomination than 1 ADA coin, but ought there be lower denominations between the 1 ADA and the 1 Lovelace? Not sure if or how that could relate to its usage in the Grand Cayman banking and financial system. I guess you were visualizing ADA as purely and asset. But don't assets and commodity metals like gold have multiple steps of weighted denominations underneath a solid 1 ounce? (I don't know much about precious metals so that is not an invite for gold bugs to begin snapping at me wherein I may have made inaccurate statements.)

  5. I'm currently staking on the incentivized testnet with your SCAR stake pool. Everything working as it should. Thus far I've earnt around 150 ADA, simply from staking for a week or so. Will be staying with you for the journey so keep up the good work! In the meantime, enjoy your holiday! 👍😎

  6. That’s crazy that’s where you’re vacationing lol I hope you’re able to enjoy your vacay & relax. Your days shouldn’t be tiring when you’re on vacay 😉

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