Cryptocurrency Investment Mindset Can Make Difference in Altcoin and Bitcoin Trading

Cryptocurrency and any market in general can function in similar ways no matter the asset class. All markets have cycles of up and down and all around, right?


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  3. Hey Jeff… can you make a video talking about how the Petro-Dollar's demise (unfortunately) could be a good thing for crypto currencies in the coming years? Petro-Yuan (Chinese Yuan) will start trading on Hong Kong stock exchange on the 26 March 2018…. Basically the Chinese want to overthrow the US dollars a the GLOBAL CURRENCY RESERVE. What does that mean for us crypto folks? Will the big whales get scared of a devaluing US dollar and put their money in BITCOIN or other crypto for safe keeping? What are your thoughts on that?

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  6. You are making many good points in this good video. You should perhaps differenciate more between the words a plan and a strategy. A plan can go south, and it often do, perhaps most of the time, it is a lesson our lives teaches us. But we need to have a strategy. You pretty much made that point clear that we need a strategy, and be prepared for all kind of scenarioes. But if people hear that they need a plan, they may think they already got their plan. And they may then be disillusioned when the market don't behave accordingly.

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  9. Hi Jeff,
    Let say, that the market moves by investors, as you say.
    Market moves because of investors and users. In early stage we have investors and dont have users.
    A lot of projects still dont have users.
    Investors can move the price, P&D and we cant do nothing.
    When the product is out and we have users it will be totally different situation.
    What you think?

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